Laundry Game

Help Pregnant mother to to washing all dirty dresses by separating them in to white and colored bucket.after it put the cloth in to the washing machine , Add the detergent or the washing powder in the machine Push The Button and start the washing process, after the clothes are washed transfer to the dryer Let the clothes dry by the machine if it not get dried yet make it dry with the sun light . after the clothes are dry do the ironing and fold them in a professional manner and arrange it in the cupboard.


~> Separating The Dresses by white and colored in to the different basket.
~> Add Detergent or Washing Powder in the Washing Machine
~> Start the Laundry Process and make the laundry service complete.
~> Dry the Washed clothes with the sun light.
~> After the Dresses comlete dried send It to ironing
~> Hang in the cabinet